About Kevin

I founded LexBlog more than ten years ago because I wanted to help lawyers use the Internet to build relationships and generate a word-of-mouth reputation as a trusted and reliable authority. Using the Internet to communicate and network through blogs and social media can change the lives of lawyers and the public we serve.

As a former trial lawyer, I have long been passionate about the way the Internet builds trust and connects people in a real and meaningful way. It's a gift.

I do my best to help lawyers, law students, and business professionals through speaking engagements across the country. My blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, and my daily Tweets, sharing insight and commentary to help folks, have turned out to be must reads among professional and media circles.

Throughout my professional life as a trial lawyer, entrepreneur and corporate officer at a major company, I have done my best to serve others and to make the world a better place. Go M's!

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