Exciting legal stuff happens every day. LexBlog clients are writing about it, the public is interested and press is following. This is networking and reputation-building in action. LXBN is covering all of it.

Best Legal Blogs Showcased

Our dedicated editors are reading LexBlog blogs and publishing the top stories of the day, calling out trending topics and lighting up the social media channels to push your great stories out. This is a great way for the best bloggers to get noticed, get extra exposure and get in front of the legal community at large.

Trending Topics Covered Daily

If the legal community is abuzz, LexBLog authors are blogging about it. LXBN curates this trending commentary into dedicated pages--so you won't miss a thing.

LXBN TV Keeps it Real

When there's a hot topic LXBN TV is covering it with live interviews with top bloggers who are covering the story of the day. Our reporter conducts short interviews that get to the heart of the issue quickly. When you're featured on LXBN TV you get even greater exposure and a great video you can use yourself.

Legal Event Coverage

LXBN TV covers many legal events like the Legal Marketing Association and LegalTech. Look for exclusive interviews with attendees, speakers and supporters. If you can't make it to the event, you can watch the action unfold on LXBN!