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Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether it’s resources to help you be a better blogger or technical help—choose what you need below to get started. Or, if you just need to chat with someone—give us a call 800.913.0988.

Blogging Skills and Learning

We at LexBlog are here to empower you to blog better. We currently publish three online resources packed with tips and “how-to” advice for lawyers at all skill levels from “just starting my first blog” through “I am an advanced, proficient online legal blog publisher.”

  • Real Lawyers Have Blogs LexBlog founder and CEO Kevin O’Keefe, provides insight into law firm marketing, social media for legal professionals, and best practices you should follow. Content includes information on the latest social media tools and issues affecting today’s lawyers.
  • Leadership Close Up LexBlog president and licensed attorney Kevin McKeown, provides strategic advice about social networking, leadership and the business of relationships. It provides great information about how to think big picture about blogging, social media and how to use to further your business.
  • Please Advise Our team of social media experts at LexBlog provide tactical how-to information and updates on using specific tools and technology, as well as best blogging practices.

Each of our three blog resources offers keyword search to help you find the information you need to improve your blogging skills.

Your LexBlog subscription also gives you a free pass to our client-only webinars. To view past webinar recordings or to reserve a seat at a future webinar, please contact

If you have perused available content from our blogs and still not found an answer to your question or issue, please contact our team at 800-913-0988 or by email

Billing & Account Support

For questions regarding invoices, payments, billing status or would like to make a change to your account (e.g. new credit card number), please contact our finance team at

If you are a LexBlog client, your account manager can also help you with any billing concerns or questions. Please call our team at 800-913-0988 or email Your inquiry will be routed to your account manager.

Frequently asked questions regarding billing & accounts:

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?
A: You may always contact your account manager, or reach out to to reach our finance team directly.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about a payment owed to me?
A: Please reach out to

Q: When will I receive my first invoice from LexBlog?
A: Initial fees will be invoiced upon contract signing and invoices are due upon receipt. Monthly or annual subscription invoices will be sent four weeks after a project has started.

Q: How do I find out when my renewal date is?
A: Your account manager can help you with that information.

Q: I would like to migrate my blog to LexBlog WordPress, how do I go about that?
A: We are happy to help you with that. If you are a current LexBlog client, please reach out to your account manager. If not, please call our business development team at 800-913-0988 to discuss your project.

Q: I would like to add a feature to my site. How do I do that?
A: Please reach out to your account manager.

Platform & Tool How-To’s

Our Primary Blogging Platform


If your platform resembles the above, your blog is configured and powered by our enterprise, updated, primary blogging platform.

We are here to help you learn and master your blog’s administrative area (back-end) so you can showcase your content professionally on your site. Following is a list of resources for you—addressing our frequently asked questions about our platform.

If none of the above resources answers your specific question or if you'd like the password to our video series, your account manager can assist you and can be reached at at 800-913-0988 or by emailing Your inquiry will be routed to your account manager.

Our Legacy Blogging Platforms


For help with these legacy platforms, please contact your account manager at 800-913-0988 or by email as we are no longer publishing specific information about Movable Type. Your account manager can walk you through performing any actions on your site, assist with requests and share updated information about our newer platform.

Social Media Tools

If you are looking for non-blog social media tool information (e.g. how do I set up my Google + profile?) please visit Please Advise, a blog published by our team of social media experts at LexBlog, as well as Real Lawyers Have Blogs from LexBlog founder and CEO Kevin O'Keefe. Available content on both blogs is findable through category listings as well as the built-in search functionality.

Need More Help?

If after reviewing our platform-specific information and best practice blogs you still need assistance using your blog platform or another service associated with your blog (e.g. subscriber email notifications), your account manager is available to assist you. please call our team at 800-913-0988 or email Your inquiry will be routed to your account manager.

Technical Help

LexBlog works 24/7 to maintain platform accessibility and uptime for you and your blog visitors.

Our current systems status is: All systems operational.

For specific status information and to subscribe by email to changes, visit our status page.

For any and all technical issues related to your blog, you may fill out the form below for assistance. You may also reach out to your account manager directly at 800-913-0988 or Your inquiry will be routed to your account manager.

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