In the time since Steve Jobs’ passing, we have all been left to reflect upon his impact on us, both collectively and individually. Of course, in some areas—home computing, music, film, telecommunications and journalism—his impact is both obvious and impossible to accurately convey. In other areas, the impact is still there, but less apparent.

To discuss Steve Jobs and Apple’s impact on the law and the legal workplace, we brought in Ben Stevens, a Spartanburg, SC attorney and author of The Mac Lawyer

In our interview, which did run just a tad longer than expected, we talk about:

  • Why his firm, The Stevens Firm, P.A., made the switch to a completely Mac-only office in 2005.
  • Whether or not Apple’s perception in the legal workplace has changed from the mid-90s to the early 2000s to now.
  • Why Apple computers are actually a better value for law firms than their PC counterparts. (Hint: What do you really want to be using your IT team for?)
  • Just how big the iPad has been for lawyers and law firms.
  • Where things are headed for Apple and lawyers.