These days it seems like there’s a new startup for every day of the week. If they’re smart, they’re already reading The Venture Alley.

As we continue our series interviewing LexBlog Network members on the Blawg 100, we reached out to DLA Piper‘s Trent Dykes and Megan Muir, co-editors of the blog, to share the blogging insight that got The Venture Alley its first Blawg 100 nom.

What discipline have you set up for yourself to help your blogging process?

Megan Muir

Our goal as a blog is to maintain a habit of regular posting of new and relevant content.  We have a great team of writers committed to The Venture Alley and we each set individualized production goals (e.g., a posts ever X weeks).  By dividing the blog workload, we have been able to accommodate for our “day jobs” and achieve our goal without too much individual burden.

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome in your blogging career?

It is difficult to maintain a regular schedule of posting given the transactional nature of our day jobs as corporate and securities attorneys.  When we are in the middle of a deal, life can get very hectic and drafting content for the blog can often take a back seat.  That said, and while the nature of deal work negatively impacts the volume of our blog posts, we try to leverage our deal experience as inspiration for new and useful content.

What kinds of things do you do to engage your readership?

All of the posts on The Venture Alley are intended to be accessible to a non-legal reader, useful and informative.  If it meets those criteria, the post accomplishes its intended goal and we believe will engage our readership.

Trenton Dykes
Trenton Dykes

What does success look like to you; what makes a post feel great?

The most important type of post for The Venture Alley is one that helps startup entrepreneurs and investors understand legal issues they are likely to face.  A well written post can help our readers better issue spot and realize when is the appropriate time to engage with legal counsel on a particular issue.  The best posts provide useful content to our audience that remains relevant into the future.