New enhancements speed up legal hold process and better allows hold administrators to identify, select and group relevant custodians quickly and efficiently

Seattle, WA—August 16, 2017—TotalDiscovery, an industry leader for secure, defensible, web-based document preservation and discovery, today announced the release of several enhancements to its legal hold product. The upgrades, delivered seamlessly to users through TotalDiscovery’s secure, hosted software platform include:

Advanced filters. Additional filtering options now allow users to search for specific custodians with more precision.

New custodian identifier tags. New custodian identifier tags allow users to tailor their custodian searches to specific departments and office locations. They also allow users to locate both current and former employees, including executives and officers.

Custodian group options. Users can now organize custodians into specific groups for legal holds and collections for more robust workflows.

Faster search speeds. Improved search speeds across the entire TotalDiscovery application streamline the custodian search process, saving time and money.

Companies typically spend inordinate amounts of time manually searching for the people (employees) who may be relevant to a legal matter. Once custodians are found, additional steps are required to ensure they are the correct custodians with accessible data to be preserved. The new TotalDiscovery enhancements allow users to quickly and easily find and select custodians, streamlining and simplifying the process of identifying and organizing custodians who possess relevant evidence for litigation, holds and collection requests.

“These new custodian selection features deliver more information and metadata about each employee and present that information so that users can more effectively determine the people to be included on legal holds and for discovery. The new features also make it possible to search through the entire company directory at blazing speeds.” said TotalDiscovery CEO Alon Israely. “We lead the industry in delivering smart, legally defensible and cost-effective data management and legal compliance solutions. These updates are another step in that direction.”

The enhancements released today help in-house legal departments and outside counsel more quickly identify current personnel and ex-employees who may possess relevant documents and electronically stored evidence during discovery, creating a more efficient, automated and cost-friendly workflow. They also enhance some of other custodian-related features, such as TotalDiscovery’s custodian questionnaire and report generation tools.

With an industry-leading seven years of experience preserving data using the Cloud, TotalDiscovery offers robust data collection tools that integrate with more IT environments than any other information governance platform. Its case-tested technology has withstood numerous state and federal legal challenges, and can be used to find new data on Office 365 and cloud-based data accounts, as well as to re-purpose previously retrieved data for other matters. All of this helps minimize legal spend and simplify discovery when collecting evidence from custodians.

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