Thursday night Dan Katz and Dan Linna hosted a meet up at Skadden, which had an array of talks ranging from access to justice to improving legal education. The meetup kicked off with Judy Perry Martinez, who spoke on how technology can improve lawyers and the way they service their clients. The ABA Center for Innovation is doing just that by promoting collaboration and by bringing lawyers, technologist, design experts, computer scientist, judges, etc to help develop solutions for clients. Tiffany Graves followed Judy, explaining how technology can be used to help bridge the access to justice. Tiffany dropped bone chilling statistics about the level of poverty in her state, and how legal access programs are critical for these citizens.

           Next, Jack Newton took the mic and spoke on being a data driven lawyer. Jack spoke on how the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help lawyers improve their practice, highlighting that 6 hours of a lawyers day is lost to non billable task. He pitched how programs like Clio can help with the task management of an attorney, thereby reducing wasted hours. Dan Rodriguez gave a powerful conclusion to an already powerful event, speaking on the need for law schools to update their first-year curriculum, which he stated hasn’t changed in 60 years. Dan presented on the new programs that he has implemented in Northwestern Law school to help students practice ready. It will be exciting to see what he and Dan Linna will do with the program in the coming future.