Kevin O’Keefe: Talking with Ginny Allen here at the ABA TechShow. Who are you, Jenny, and what do you do?

Ginny Allen: I am Vice President of GrowPath. We are a new practice management platform targeting plaintiffs’ firms. We were developed by a plaintiffs’ firm out of North Carolina and we’re actually launching next month, so we’re new to the market, but we were here because our Chief Product Officer, Eric Sanchez, had the opportunity to speak yesterday on next generation technologies.

Kevin O’Keefe: What’s your background, and how’d you get into working for a legal technology company?

Ginny Allen: I was a nontraditional lawyer before it was cool to be a nontraditional lawyer, so I practiced for a few years and then had a long career in marketing and business development. Then had my own marketing consulting company for lawyers for a few years before joining GrowPath last year.

Kevin O’Keefe: So you’ve been working with GrowPath for over a year now, how do you like it?

Ginny Allen: I love it. One of the reasons that I joined the company is because it really solves the nuanced problems of plaintiffs’, firms because it was developed by a big plaintiffs’ firm. They really understand the intricacies of the practice, and Eric Sanchez, actually ran the plaintiffs’ firm for 20 years and so his expertise is really packaged into the software. It’s a product that I’m really excited about, I’m really passionate about, because I really like helping lawyers.

Kevin O’Keefe: What would make it different, having a solution that’s dedicated to plaintiffs’ trial lawyers and plaintiffs’ lawyers, versus using something like Clio or Rocket Lawyer?

Ginny Allen: So for example, we have a patented algorithm in our intake software, so as a plaintiffs’ lawyer, you have to really identify high value cases quickly. So our intake software, our intake module, will actually allow the firm to customize their own kind of formula and apply objective data to subjective inputs. You can really pull the high-value intakes quickly, and triage the leads, and get them to an attorney quickly so the attorney can sign them and not just do a first in first out method.

Kevin O’Keefe: In the old days it would be that someone calls the telephone number, and it’s my assistant or secretary answering it, and they’re making immediate calls in their own minds about whether this is good or bad, and getting it off to private investigators or others as soon as possible. The world has changed, so now a lot of this can be found through the internet, and you can gather information to make the determination’s about whether it’s something you need to move on, it should take this amount of effort, etc.

Ginny Allen: Right. We can also package in help texts, so your intake staff knows exactly what to say and what questions to ask, and that’s just the intake side, not even getting into the case management side of things.

Kevin O’Keefe: And that was just what I was going to ask you- how does this help a lawyer as they process the case?

Ginny Allen: The bigger philosophy is just about driving the case forward as quickly as possible. Getting them from the investigation stage to treatment. And there’s a few things that really helped with that – the firm management has a dashboard so they can see where every case is, see what their paralegals are doing, maybe see where there are bottlenecks in the workflow, and then the paralegals, on their dashboard, have a view of a ticker, if the firm has requested that they call the client a certain number of days. Then they’ll have something that will come up in red, and they’ll be able to see it and just really move the case forward to resolution as quickly as possible.

Kevin O’Keefe: How does it sell? Does it sell per seat, per lawyer?

Ginny Allen: Since we’re launching next month, we’re still testing out pricing, but I think it’s going to be the usual kind of SAS model. A little bit of implementation depending on the customizations that the firm needs. And then, depending on the number of users and training, the monthly subscription.

Kevin O’Keefe: And is the core development team located in Raleigh?

Ginny Allen: We’re actually out of Durham and all of our development is done in the states. Our team is very near our office in Durham and we work really closely with them and we’ve got a really great group of developers.

Kevin O’Keefe: How have you enjoyed the TechShow?

Ginny Allen: I always love the TechShow! It’s always good to catch up with people I haven’t seen in awhile, and learn new things. We were really pumped after Eric’s presentation yesterday, we got a lot of really good feedback. It’s been a really great experience.

Kevin O’Keefe: Thank you very much.

Ginny Allen: Absolutely. Thank you!