by Alex Smith, Customer Success Manager, Legal Gateway

So you’re going for it… Your legal team is dipping a toe into Legal Technology!

Perhaps an e-signature tool, a document collaborator, or a full contract management tool. Awesome!

Now for the next step, getting your colleagues from other business units to actually use it!

Organisational adoption is something we constantly think about at Legal Gateway. Having worked with over 100 in-house legal teams, we know it’s something they all think about too.

The good news is that a few simple tips can help ensure the wider business embraces your Legal Apps, helping your in-house team reap the full benefits of Legal Automation.

Typical reasons for low technology adoption:

  • Lack of change management. Poor communication about the new tech and most importantly, WHY it’s now being used.
  • Luddites. We’re all human, and some of us are resistant to change, even if we can see the bigger picture.
  • Training. The tech is complicated, hard to use, or hard to access!
  • Tools on tools. The tech itself is disjointed or you’re gradually adopting lots of disparate tools and applications that then need wrapping together at a later date.

In-house lawyers often experienced one or more of these factors. Speaking to them, it’s gotten us thinking about what Legal Teams can do to inspire adoption of Legal Tech internally.

What you can do:

  • From day one, think about some simple change management principles your peers have used to involve and guide non-legal users
  • Identify and involve all stakeholders during your technology vendor search and roll-out. Make them aware, and involve them!
  • Start Small, Dream Big. Start with some simple Legal Enablers to increase lawyer productivity immediately, and do this on a Legal Technology Platform that can grow once the wider business catches up.
  • Explain and train. Ensure business unit leaders understand the reasons why you’ve embraced Legal Automation Technology and show them how to use it.
  • Ensure you have someone owning the process and outcome, and managing the project regardless of how small that initial adoption of Legal Technology is.
  • Select a Legal Technology Platform that’s clean, easy to use and simple to access.
  • Select a vendor that places user adoption and customer success at the heart of its activities. Your vendor should partner with you to ensure successful training and on-boarding, giving your wider business a taste for Legal Automation success.

Good luck, and if you have any questions please reach out to me directly

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