by Andrew Mellett, CEO, Legal Gateway

We believe it is time to free the lawyers.

Free them from the admin. Free them from the barrage of emails. Free them from the churn. Free them from the soul destroying work.

It’s time for talented people to have the impact they deserve.

Everyone knows that where strategy meets execution there is a legal task – indeed often hundreds of them. These tasks represent giant balls of admin, with legal insights trapped inside. They choke growth. They are a handbrake on value creation. They are the barrier lawyers and business partners traverse each day to get to the real game.

Yet legal tasks are also the connective tissue that makes the world work. They capture and store value. Provide certainty. Define success.

In businesses around the world, day-after-day, making these vital connections are bright lawyers – seeking to make a difference.

They know The Law is, at its heart, a human endeavour. To provide true counsel and valuable insight; relationships, understanding, and trust are required. And this takes time. Lots of time.

But, as a lawyer, your time and that of your team is robbed by mundane tasks. Stolen from you by activities that don’t leverage intelligence, creativity or insight. And yet, historically, you have had few tools to change this paradigm. The ‘enablers’ that your peers in Finance, Sales, HR & Marketing all take for granted just haven’t been available. Indeed for a long time most people thought there was no better answer to the question ‘how do we create more impact for less effort’.

However, we have proven that you can put your best lawyer, on their best day, on the device of everybody in the enterprise, 24/7 – doing the work you hate to do. We have shown it is possible to return ‘The Law’ to a human endeavour.

It may sound corny. Trite. Or ambitious. But it is our goal at Legal Gateway to unlock the human potential of lawyers. And in doing so release the true potential of all people, their organisations, and society as a whole.

We exist to create a future where lawyers are generating competitive advantage – not contracts. Where business people are generating value – not risk. Where Legal is recognised for unblocking the arteries, setting their business up to win – by managing risk at unprecedented speed.

Join the revolution. #Freethelawyers.

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