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Unlocking Legal Potential

Legal Automation is a category of software that allows companies to streamline, automate, manage and measure legal tasks.
As legal functions wake up to the fact that they have fallen behind their functional peers in the adoption of technology, they are anxious to catch up.

At its core, Legal Automation involves taking care of the simple tasks, allowing Lawyers to spend more time managing risk and less time on admin. See how…

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The trick is to think of legal tasks as simple workflow.

A client has a problem. You gather facts and apply those facts to the law. By applying the facts to the law, you can generate an agreement, and then it gets executed.

Ideally, you then store the document, create an audit trail, and report on it.

So here’s the big idea.

Many of these steps steps can be automated. But when the facts aren’t clear (or the law isn’t clear), elegant workflows can trigger an automated review by a lawyer. Doing this delivers infinitely faster, more cost-effective and consistent management of risk.

So why haven’t people been doing this for years?

You see, the few legal functions who have attempted to adopt legal automation have repurposed outdated law firm technology in an isolated fashion.

They might, for example, have a contract management system or a document assembly tool. But this is like building a railway platform with no train tracks leading into it, and wondering why no one uses it.

Legal Gateway is the world’s first legal operating system. Intuitive legal automation apps gather the facts from the business and apply these to the law. Advanced document automation creates perfectly customised contracts. Seamless integration with DocuSign accelerates execution, and a proprietary document management system automatically stores the agreement and creates a detailed audit trail.

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Legal Gateway, the future of the law.

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