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I hope you’re intrigued, if not yet convinced, that a central messaging platform will help you to advance your message and your business.  And I hope you see that while it will take some work at the beginning, once you have your platform in place it will make your marketing and messaging efforts easier.

In fact, it will actually make it enjoyable.  Even if you don’t like to write and decide to outsource, it will still save you time and money.

Why?  Because you (or your writer) won’t have to keep asking you the threshold questions about who you are, who you serve, your unique skills and what you bring to the table, etc.  You’ll have already done that, and you can simply refer to your platform.

So, before constructing your messaging platform, you’ve really got to drill down on who you are, and what you like to do in service to others.

Think about the problems you’ve solved for clients or the opportunities you’ve helped them capitalize on. Pick out those that really made you feel good, either with the result, or the mere process of helping.  Did you forget about time, focused instead on working? If so, that’s an indication you’re on to something.

Forget. The. Money.

Forget about the money, or how the fee lined up with the work you did.  Suspend that.  Instead, think about the joy you derived from the work/outcome, and the value you delivered to your client.  Try to get those two things lined up.  And where they intersect, you’ve found your niche.

It is, of course, easier if you’re the only one doing it.  If you’re the only game in town, without competition.  And that is possible but less likely.  And besides, what if you were, but hated what you were doing? Would it be worth it to do something unfulfilling for the sake of more money?

Instead, it’s more likely that others are doing what you’re doing.  And maybe doing it as well, or better, than you.  Is there still room for you?  I say yes.  Of course, you should strive to be the best version of yourself in your work.

But at least as important (no, more important) is the trust, confidence and empathy you exude, because all people, whether law clients or not, want to trust and like the people they work with.

You can’t fake this, which is why I say pick the things you truly enjoy doing.  It will radiate, and you’ll find people attracted to that.

I know I do.  Ask any member of my family and they’ll confirm I get endless joy from seeing someone who truly loves their work, and I want to keep reaching out to them.

Years ago we had a natural fireplace in our home.  A neighbor referred me to someone to buy firewood from.  I called and ordered a face cord of hardwood.  He delivered it and treated me to a veritable Masters’ course on firewood.  He clearly loved the subject and enjoyed what he was doing.  It was fascinating, and he was forever referred to by me, and eventually my family, as Professor Firewood.  And I never considered buying from anyone else.

I think people are naturally drawn to people who love what they do.

Find what you love to do and do it with passion and as expertly as you can.

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