Their money they buried

Their daughters they married

Their valuables they carried

everywhere they went.

They locked their doors

They seldom took risks

They ate healthy food

They spent hours on exercise machines.

They lived like they wouldn’t die

and refused to think about death.

They worked until they slept

and slept for half the day.

They didn’t learn the lessons of history.

They spent their time

trying to control their environment.

They never wanted to risk rejection

so they never loved.

They didn’t want to disappoint the neighbors

so they bought everything they saw.

They never saw a sunrise

and spent their sunsets watching TV.

They were surprised when life ended

and wondered where the time went.

They thought they would live forever

but the money and valuables and

swimming pools and fancy houses

lived longer than they did.

Those things live forever

and we don’t.

What did you say you were doing today?