Attached is  our 2018 basic expat tax questionnaire form for your use in sending us the necessary information for this  year’s tax return preparation.  We will send you back a fee estimate once we receive and review the questionnaire.

If you are subject to the foreign bank account filing requirement, the form is due to be received by the US Treasury Department by April 15, but there is an automatic extension to October 15.  This form is separate from the tax return itself.  We can prepare this form for you OR you can prepare and submit via this on-line yourself at the BSA website (more information can be found in the questionnaire).

If you need additional questionnaires for self-employment, rental properties, a foreign corporation, or multiple foreign bank accounts please let us know and we would be happy to send over.  Also if you were living in the US for all of 2018, we can send you a different questionnaire (this questionnaire is set up for those living abroad at least part of 2018).  Some of the other questionnaires are available on the resources tab at MORE TAX FORMS

If you need your tax return completed (or an estimate of tax due) by April 15, we would need your complete tax data no later than March 15, 2019.  If you will be living outside the U.S. on April 15, 2019, you receive an automatic extension for tax return filing until June 17, 2019 (therefore if you want to file on-time for June 17 please send in early May).  We can also file for an additional extension to October if desired or needed.  At peak periods our turnaround time can range to 35-40 days from the date complete information is received.

NOTE:  The tax act passed in December 2017 changed but did not simplify the way the federal government will tax most individuals and businesses.  In particular, the changes to self-employed individuals and those who own non-US businesses are substantial (and hopefully favorable in many cases from a tax point of view).  Given the significance of these changes it is fair to say that fees will increase on the clients affected by the more complex changes.  Those with very straight-forward fact patterns may not be affected significantly.  The training and software cost increases for CPA’s across the board due to these changes has been the biggest our industry has seen in decades.  We would like to thank you in advance for your patience this year and we have taken steps to ensure the change to the new tax law goes as smoothly as possible.

2018 Expatriate Tax Return Questionnaire (Download)

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