CASEpeer Legal Software is pleased to announce the release of its newest product: CASEpeer Dash.

CASEpeer Dash makes use of Amazon’s now-retired dash buttons, making this also a green recycling initiative. Personal injury law firms using CASEpeer can order CASEpeer Dash buttons to hand out to their clients. The buttons are intended to stick on to a car dashboard.

In the event of an accident, a client simply pushes their CASEpeer Dash button. This action will automatically send the accident details into the personal injury law firm’s lead list for review.

“We wanted to make it easier for accident-prone people to have access to justice,” says Darren Fancher, CEO of CASEpeer. “Our goal is to eliminate ambulance chasers – rather, we are creating a space for the ambulance to chase the attorney.”

CASEpeer April fools dash button in package

CASEpeer Dash uses artificial intelligence to capture and configure accident data. When the Dash button is pressed, the last five minutes of driving data are pulled from the vehicle’s event data recorder. The information is transcribed using artificial intelligence and added to the “incident description” section in CASEpeer.

Law firms can call now to pre-order their CASEpeer Dash buttons.

CASEpeer is the comprehensive case management solution for personal injury law firms. We are dedicated to improving the productivity and accountability of attorneys and staff nationwide.