The EPA has taken the position that long term exposure to these chemicals may result in birth defects, cancer, liver effects, immune effects, thyroid effects, and other health issues. Long chain PFAS don’t readily degrade, and thus build up in the environment and persist in the human body itself. Low levels of these chemicals have been found in drinking water and soil and, in one study, in the blood of almost every subject tested.

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Photo of Coty Hopinks-Baul Coty Hopinks-Baul

Coty concentrates her practice in the area of environmental law and advises clients on permitting and enforcement defense, environmental, safety and health compliance and environmental liabilities in commercial transactions. She represents clients in the agricultural, mining, specialty chemical manufacturing, transportation, energy and communications industries, as well as financial institutions and municipalities.

Photo of Jason Flower Jason Flower

Jason represents chemical and manufacturing clients nationwide as plaintiffs and defendants in high-profile cost recovery and contribution actions under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Jason also helps clients manage complex Superfund sites. Jason defends clients in judicial and administrative environmental enforcement actions under the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. In addition to traditional environmental matters, Jason represents clients in exposure and toxic tort lawsuits regarding alleged environmental contamination, including personal injury and property damage lawsuits.

Photo of Daniel Fanning Daniel Fanning

After two years assisting and regulating various industries, Daniel applies his prior experience as a wastewater pretreatment coordinator to assisting clients with environmental issues. Daniel enjoys working with various entities to help them understand how to comply with environmental regulations and statutes. In addition, he represents clients in court or in front of various agencies when necessary. In particular, Daniel has experience with permitting, reporting, inspecting and working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).