Your divorcing spouse may be hiding assets at an offshore trust. Your divorcing spouse may secretly transfer marital assets to the offshore trust.  The divorcing spouse could also make new purchases through the offshore trust. The trust could purchase: real property; jewelry; valuable automobiles; and almost anything else. This means your divorcing spouse could hide assets by titling assets in the name of an offshore trust.

Todd Kozel was accused of this kind of scheme. Mr. Kozel allegedly hid assets at a sham Isle of Jersey trust, as set forth by “ Ways To Hide Money & Commit Crimes.” Although real estate mogul Michael R. Mastro’s case didn’t involve divorce, Mr. Mastro allegedly used three trusts to hide assets.  This  was mentioned at “Mr. Mastro’s Bankruptcy Estate & His Self-Settled Trusts.” If your divorcing spouse is using an offshore trust to hide marital assets from you, you may be able to gather documents that can help you identify: the custodial bank for the trust; the trust’s income beneficiaries; the trustees; etc.


Below is a list of documents/ a production request related to a divorcing spouse who was a U.S. taxpayer hiding marital assets at an offshore trust.  The list has been sanitized/changed for privacy reasons. If you are in a pending divorce, you may be able to use the list during the pretrial discovery phase. You could use the list for your request that your divorcing spouse supply you with documents, (i.e. your production request).  You might use the list even if you are not in a pending  divorce. This is true because the list can focus your attention on documents that could reveal your divorcing spouse has hidden assets at an offshore trust.

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