The Supreme Court granted cert on some notable cases via this order list list morning, the most notable involving questions of how federal employment discrimination laws apply to LGBT employees.  But, for the second Monday in a row, there is little of interest on this list for those of us who obsess over (just) criminal law matters.  However, all is not lost for the week as the Court has on tap for oral argument three criminal justice cases over the next two days.  Via SCOTUSblog:

On Tuesday, the justices hear oral argument in Mitchell v. Wisconsin and Rehaif v. United States.

On Wednesday, the justices hear oral argument in Quarles v. United States.

Of course, the SCOTUS oral argument on census questions scheduled for tomorrow will be sure to overshadow everything else on the docket this week. But, importantly, the Court has also indicated that it will be releasing opinions tomorrow morning, and that means we might get the long-awaited ruling in Gundy v. US concerning federal SORNA and the application of the nondelegation doctrine in this context.  The long wait for Gundy has me thinking something big is afoot in that case (though that might also mean we do not get the opinion for still a few more months).