GenXers are getting older. They are the generation bumping up against the Boomers who are slowly but surely on their way out. Which means you are seeing more of them in the jury box – individuals born between roughly 1961 and 1981, who are now in their late 30’s to mid 50’s. They are no longer entry-level hires, they’ve moved up into managerial or supervisor ranks, or commonly, headed off into entrepreneurial ventures of all types and sizes.
Why does this matter to you? 
GenXers are still among the more skeptical, if not downright cynical, generation. Thus, when it comes to liability, GenXer skepticism tends to favor defense because GenXers aren’t particularly emotionally swayed. They require more data, more evidence and the science behind it in order to find liability.
Liability is a major obstacle for plaintiff’s attorney when arguing in front of GenXers, so if your jury box is loaded with GenXers, be sure to back up your every argument with as much documented evidence as possible.
The downside for defense is, once GenXers are convinced of liability–especially GenXers in their late 30s and 40s–they will award higher damages than any other generational group. GenXers believe that people should be held accountable for their own actions. Awarding substantial damages is a way of holding people accountable.
The solution is the same as for plaintiff–but in the opposite direction. As defense, do everything you can to back up your arguments countering liability with documented, “hard” evidence, so as not to be hit with a big award.