Choosing legal case management software is no easy task. Between features, security, and support, there is a lot to consider when selecting software. But there is something else attorneys should be considering: where the software is made. Those who do consider this may be doing so for security purposes, and for good reason. However, there are many other reasons for US-based attorneys to consider legal software made and supported in the United States.

Software Developed in the USA is More Secure

Legal software made in the United States is most noted for its security.

Many tech companies outsource their work to other countries. Outsourcing is much less expensive, and many outsourced programmers do good work. However, cheap labor often comes with other disadvantages. Some regions are notorious for leaving security vulnerabilities in systems they develop, which can become “backdoors” for hackers. US-based software has a reputation for being secure.

If you’re selecting cloud based case management software, you should also ensure your chosen system’s data is stored in the United States. Ask your software where the data is being held, and by whom. Many companies, like CASEpeer, store their data with Amazon Web Services, which is one of the most popular high-security cloud storage companies. The company allows you to choose where your hosting data servers are located.

Other companies may opt for less expensive hosting, which can often be overseas. This is an important consideration, especially for attorneys storing sensitive client data.

Local Developers Understand Your Needs

Programmers are programmers; they generally do not know much about the legal industry. Most overseas developers do not continue working on the same software program for long. By contrast, in-house software teams work with the same system day in and day out. They get to know the product very well. They receive feedback, make changes, and learn more about how their customers are using the product. Over time, in-house legal software developers can learn much about law firms’ needs. The better your system’s programmers understand your unique needs, the more robust a product they will make.

Software is not just about what you purchase now, but how the product will keep up in the future. The best case management solutions will regularly add new features and improve over time based on feedback from clients.

Tools that outsource development can be out of touch with how attorneys and staff actually use the product, which is reflected in the system itself. They often do not understand why certain suggestions will help law firms using the product. At worst, some solutions may only add features they know will attract new clients, instead of focusing on what their current clients really need. Ultimately, it’s the combination of big and small changes that make software better over time.

The best software gets better over time

Better Customer Service

Anyone who has ever had a five minute “conversation” with an automated system before they can talk to a human understands the frustration inadequate customer service procedures can cause.

Companies whose software is made in the USA often keep their customer service teams in-house as well. Similar to developers, the average customer service professional is not intimately familiar with the ins and outs of law firms. Moreover, outsourced customer service representatives also don’t typically work with the same company every day.

In-house customer service teams are not only proficient with the software, but also knowledgeable about the way you work. For example, the CASEpeer support team knows medical records need to be requested and received, why litigation deadlines are so important, and other important facts about personal injury case management.

Whatever legal case management software you’re considering, make sure to find out where it’s made. Ultimately, your day to day experience with the software is more important than a lower price. In fact, you will likely thank yourself later for making the right investment up front.

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