Each week, LexBlog has the privilege of launching and syndicating new blogs in our growing community of legal publishers. Join us in welcoming some of the newest publications to our network.

Newest Blogs Launched

Source Code by Thompson Hine attorneys, Craig Foster and Josh Hinderliter, is a window into the unique world of robo-advisors, allowing readers to learn more about the distinctive challenges faced as they manage client portfolios and navigate regulatory compliance.

Boundary Breakthroughs is a publication by Justice Smiles managing attorney and neighbor law mediator, Robert Zierman, a long-time blogger on the LexBlog network with his Boundary Disputes Law Blog. In Boundary Breakthroughs, Zierman takes a deeper look into the root of the problems that create boundary dispute litigation, how to avoid those legal disputes altogether, and how to heal deep scars after legal mediation is necessary within a relationship.

Newest Members Added to the Network

Anathem Law gives readers a glimpse into newly-developing practice areas centered around video game, digital media, and e-sports technology. Their blog explores evolving and increasingly-prevalent legal questions surrounding privacy law, contractual agreements, and copyright law.

Lauren Jackson Law offers expert legal insights and commentary on real estate, estate planning, and probate and business succession planning. Ms. Jackson‘s publication answers valuable questions from real cases in Illinois and her own legal expertise.

Tax Controversy Posts is a publication by Post & Schell principal attorney James Malone Jr., who couples substantive tax knowledge and experience in commercial litigation to render greatly accessible expertise on taxation matters at the federal, state, and local level.

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