A report by Mary Meeker on Internet Trends in 2019

Interested in understanding the most salient statistics and trends around the use, users, and use cases of digital data? If so, then Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019 report will provide you with 334 pages of content and context to help you better understand the impact of the Internet on business.

A complete copy of the new report is provided for your review and study as you consider the potential implications of this information for data discovery and legal discovery.


20 Selected Starting Points of Interest for Data and Legal Discovery Technologists

  • Global Internet Users = 3.8B > 50% of Population (P-10)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) = Rising in Highly Competitive and Capitalized Sectors (P-29)
  • Global Internet and Technology Businesses = Investment Remains Robust (P-44)
  • Internet Usage = Images are an Increasingly Relevant Way to Communicate (P-72)
  • Image Creation = Foundations Continue to Ramp (P-77)
  • Image Sharing = Foundations Continue to Ramp (P-78)
  • Image-Based Communication = Enabled by Computer Vision + Artificial Intelligence (P-82)
  • Freemium Business Evolution = Started in Gaming, Evolving and Emerging in Enterprise and Customer Sectors (P-114)
  • Cloud Deployment = 22% of Enterprise Workloads,  Twice What It Was Five Years Ago (P-118)
  • Cloud Deployment = Interest Continues to Rise in PaaS and IaaS (P-119)
  • Data Collection + Analysis + Utilization = Evolving from Human to Humans and Computers (P-123)
  • Data/Artificial Intelligence Used Properly Can Improve Customer Satisfaction (P-148)
  • Data Volume = Extraordinary Growth with 13% Data Being Structured in 2018 (P-152)
  • Data Propagation = Expanding at Endpoints, Edge, and Core (P- 153)
  • Regulators and Businesses = Improving Consumer Privacy Control (P-168)
  • Cyber Attacks = Sophistication + Scope Continue to Rise (P-207)
  • Cyber Attacks = Opportunities Created by Online System Weaknesses (P-209)
  • Cyber Attacks = Increasingly Focused on Sensitive Data (P-211)
  • Remote Work = Creating Internet-Enabled Work Opportunities + Efficiencies (P-229)
  • Remote Workers = Rising with Approximately 5% of Americans Being Remote Workers (P-230)

Notable Quotes from the Report

“Data is now fundamental to how people work and the most successful companies have intelligently integrated it into everyone’s daily workflow. Data is the new application.” Frank Bien – CEO and President of Looker (June 2019)

“Artificial intelligence will drive even more automation into businesses & feed processes & engagements that will deliver new levels of efficiency & products that are tailored to business outcomes & individual customer preferences.” David Reinsel, John Gantz, and John Rydning, IDC (November 2018)

“We need a new generation of laws to govern a new generation of tech.” Brad Smith, President and  Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft, (February 2018)

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