It’s common for personal injury attorneys to use phone apps for work in and out of the office. Mobile devices offer flexibility that appeal to many attorneys. Certain applications for phones and tablets allow attorneys to stay productive.

There are many apps attorneys can choose from. They all promise increased productivity and organization, but which ones are best for personal injury? After speaking with many successful clients about which apps they’ve found most useful, we compiled this list of the best apps for personal injury lawyers.


Slack is an instant messaging tool designed for workplaces. It allows you to have conversations with individual colleagues or groups of colleagues. It also features separate “channels” for conversations to be kept in, such as general office announcements, marketing, intake, and more.

In addition to being a great tool internally, Slack is a great networking tool, too. There are several Slack communities dedicated to helping attorneys network. LawyerSmack, for example, is a private Slack community for lawyers to discuss ideas, network, and solve business problems together.

Slack is an efficient method of communication with colleagues and can keep conversations organized, but beware of using it for case communications. It’s best to keep all case communications in a secure case management software, where notes about each case can be saved directly to them and referred back to when needed.

Google Calendar

Personal injury attorneys are busy. Effectively managing your calendar is critical to you and your firm’s success.

Google Calendar is great not only because it allows you to access your calendar from anywhere, but because you can share it with others in your office as well. This works wonders when scheduling meetings.

Many legal case management solutions also integrate with Google Calendar, enabling you to calendar litigation deadlines, depositions, and more, all in one place.

Cam Scanner

This app is really handy. It allows you to use the camera on your phone as a scanner. Scan client documents, receipts, notes, and anything else you want to save digitally. You can either store the files on your phone or upload them to your firm’s digital storage system.


Dropbox is a popular tool for many attorneys, and for good reason. The application automatically stores items in your mobile Dropbox folder into your computer. Imagine not having to go through the trouble of uploading documents anymore!

Dropbox integrates with many case management solutions as well. When you save a document to a client’s folder in Dropbox, it can automatically be saved to a case in your system. Now that’s efficiency!

CASEpeer Legal Software

CASEpeer is a comprehensive case management software made for personal injury attorneys. Whether it’s adding a new client to your system, creating a quick note, getting alerts about upcoming statutes, or looking up a client’s phone number, CASEpeer can help you do what you need to from anywhere. Learn more about CASEpeer.

We are truly living in the future. With apps like these, personal injury attorneys can work from anywhere at any time. While this can help make work more flexible, it can also make it easier for work to creep into your personal life.

The right technology will empower you to get more done in less time, so you can spend more quality moments with loved ones.

CASEpeer is a highly rated case management software designed for personal injury law firms. From intake to settlement, our robust features help law firms become more proactive and powerful. Our management screens and productivity reports were developed with feedback from successful law firms nationwide. For more practice management tips, visit our blog.