The numbers in this article are overwhelming to me. There are so many hacks, losses to phishing and ransomware, data breaches, etc. that it boggles the mind the consider. On the other hand, the report also points out that these numbers are so large, mostly due to a lack of solid cybersecurity practices.

Wilbur said that while some incidents show growing skills of attackers, the methods have been consistent over the years — generally inducing someone to respond or click on false pretenses.

“The way they get in continues to be relatively constant,” he said.

“You hear about super-sophisticated attacks and for the most part they are not that sophisticated. For the most part they could have been prevented.

Plain old phishing, outdated, and unpatched, hardware and software, and user errors are still a huge problem in 2019.


Why? What do we have to do to get people to do the right thing when it comes to security?

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