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I often speculate how writers, with their innumerable personal and professional experiences, have developed such deep and genuine interest in their subject matters. Sometimes venturing to an “About” page solves that problem, and other times reading an author’s biography leaves me even more intrigued–or confused. 

Our first blog is authored by Mike Willee whose interesting life path has ushered him through the Navy, golf course maintenance, sales experience, a political science education, and now writing blog posts about timely intellectual property issues. 

Our second newest member might be the first organization of its kind–at least within the LexBlog network. Richmond Chambers is a partnership of 15 specialist immigration barristers, 2 pupil barristers, 10 legal associates, and 4 business professionals. Barristers, different than lawyers who represent clients, are courtroom advocates, receive additional training in ethics and court practice, and are often considered legal scholars. This blend of scholar, lawyer, and advocate arguably creates some of the best people to resolve any issue, especially in immigration. 

Russ DeMott of the third newest blog has a demonstrated history in finance law as a licensed financial advisor, an Associate Probate Judge, a Certified Mediator for Circuit Court and Probate Court cases, and now as a Bankruptcy lawyer and blogger. He demonstrates his genuine care for individuals experiencing or at-risk of bankruptcy in South Carolina, by both exploring trends and detailing the nitty-gritty of specific codes in his blog posts. 

Please join us in welcoming our newest members–who each have fascinating stories and insights to share–and catch up on all the newest blogs in recent weeks here

Newest Members Added to the Network

The Traklight Blog is an innovative blog that focuses on intellectual property issues and intangible assets through posts of guest blogs, interviews with business owners, and more. Mike Willee writes about cases that involve well-known celebrities, corporations, and organizations, effectively taking complicated IP concepts and applying them to the real world. 

Richmond Chambers’ Knowledge Centre provides expertise on immigration. Daily blog posts by Richmond Chambers’ bloggers offers guides, tips, and how-to’s surrounding immigation. They cover topics including immigration rules, Adult Dependent Relative visas, and applying for British citizenship.

Charleston Bankruptcy Blog comes from DeMott Law Firm. This is a South Carolina bankruptcy law and information blog. Russ Demott touches on topics such as ways to deal with student loan debt, recognizing existing tax debt, improving credit score after bankruptcy, and filing tax returns.

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