Note from the Editor, Melissa Lin

Innovation in law is all “the rage,” as CEO of Legal Mosaic, Mark A. Cohen once said in an article that critiqued both the overuse of the term and the outdated culture preventing genuine innovation to happen. There’s no real consensus on the definition of legal innovation; too many people align the idea of innovation with any fancy new tech or software, others see it as any major shift or changes in firm structure. Cohen opined in his article that innovation is when the legal profession focuses on “what’s good for the consumers, not themselves.” I think this is a great definition. Through borrowing Cohen’s ideas–and adding a thought from Sir Ken Robinson that innovation is “putting new ideas into practice“–I personally consider many of this week’s new members as “innovators.”

Our first two new blogs come from Hogan Lovells and Wilson Elser, two longtime LexBlogger firms who have expanded their presence in the legal blogosphere by contributing additional perspectives on data and art law, respectively.

Our third blog comes from Jim Calloway, a veteran blogger nationally recognized for his work in law practice management. It was LexBlog’s pleasure to relaunch Jim’s blog after several challenges forced him to take a brief blogging hiatus last year. “Every challenge brings with it an opportunity,” he said, and we feel lucky to be a part of his next chapter.

Karen Korr is an incredibly talented communications professional who has made it her mission for the past 20 years to entrench herself in the legal and business community. She wields her extensive background working at bar associations and other law-related organizations across the nation to comment on and critique the Bar World. She has already written two posts on attorney awards and content organization that I highly recommend reading.

Our last two blogs come from Merge Mediation Group and Elizabeth Wolt. Both blogs are penned by prolific bloggers who have used their experience to create an extensive library of knowledge on all facets of mediation.

I consider all of this week’s new bloggers “innovators” because they educate for the good of their communities and not for personal gain. They also put their ideas into practice, or at the very least, they share their knowledge so that others may incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives or professional practice.

Please join us in welcoming our newest members and catch up on all the newest blogs in recent weeks here

Newest Blogs Launched

#alalimon is a blog written in Spanish from Hogan Lovells that focuses on matters of security, privacy, and information management through an international lens. The publication brings awareness to the importance of data protection, covering such topics as issues with the Privacy Shield and other business risks carried in the transfer of personal information. 

Art Law Perspectives by Wilson Elser engages in a discussion of current events and litigation within the art world. Editor Jana Farmer, an expert in client relations surrounding copyright, transfer of rights in artwork, and protection of creative assets, lends her voice to posts detailing auction dealings and archaeological discoveries.

Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips features tried-and-true advice regarding office management and ethical concerns from the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Director of Management Assistance Program. Calloway answers such questions as how to grow your professional network and supplements written posts with his podcast, The Digital Edge.

Bar Bytes Blog by Karen Korr explores affairs relating to and within Bar associations through an insider’s point of view. Ms. Korr’s knowledge of the inner workings of Bar associations is evident in her take on data organization within Bars as well as her scrutinization of attorney rewards.

Newest Members Added to the Network

Merge Mediation Group is an New York-based partnership, workplace, and commercial dispute resolution and mediation blog headed by Joshua Fruchter and David Albalah. Fruchter and Albalah have over 55 years of legal experience between them to provide insight on mediation techniques, such as bracketing, and their roles in dispute resolution. 

Another mediation blog, The Law Offices of Elizabeth Wolt, P.A. highlights spousal conflict that arises during divorce and offers readers suggestions for navigating this conflict. The blog discusses such subjects as property distribution and spousal privacy via the perspective of one of Florida’s top lawyers, Elizabeth Wolt.

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