This week, we’re welcoming five new publications to the LexBlog network – each one of them explaining some of the top questions and issues faced everyday by consumers, businesses, and individuals.

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Newest Blogs Launched

Cannabis Law Update by Kelley Drye’s Cannabis Law practice group offers regular updates on one of America’s fastest growing industries. Publication editor, Kristi L. Wolff, and team of expert authors report and analyze developments in cannabis law on a state-to-state basis, including the expansion of CBD additions to food and growing employee protections through medicinal marijuana programs. Interested in learning more? The Kelley Drye Cannabis Law practice group is holding a webinar series on CBD between September 2019 and January 2020. 

EHS Law Insights by Reed Smith’s Global Environmental, Health & Safety practice provides cross-disciplinary expertise on worldwide matters of health and wellness and their connection to environmental issues. The publishing attorneys dive into hot button issues in 2019, like pollution offenses, carbon reporting, and environmental permitting. Follow along to stay up-to-date on top health, safety, and environmental issues around the globe. 

Newest Members Added to the Network

The Cyprus Lawyer by Harris Sharpe gives insights into legal practice and policy on the island of Cyprus, including areas like corporate and commercial, GDPR, and tax law. Mr. Sharpe considers his blog a space where he can consistently discuss “…real and pragmatic issues faced in day to day business and day to day operations.”

Herrmann Law Blog by Drew Herrmann seeks to share insight into trends and laws that may impact employment on both a national and local scale. Writing on new developments to labor law, Mr. Herrmann educates employees on their rights in the workplace in the restaurant, oil, and service industries and beyond.

Intellectual Property Trends by Klemchuk LLP attorneys discusses cases at the cutting edge of innovation, uncovering developments in intellectual property, technology, social media, and internet law. Intellectual Property Trends answers relevant questions for both individuals and business owners alike, such as how to evict domain squatters and what happens when your domain name registration is stolen

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