Takings mavens know lawprof Ilya Somin. Among other things, he’s authored some of the more interesting and useful scholarship in our field.

Here’s his latest, published in the 2019 Cato Supreme Court Review, about the Supreme Court’s latest takings case, Knick v. Township of Scott

We naturally recommend you read the entirety of his article, Knick v. Township of Scott: Ending a Catch-22 that Barred Takings Cases from Federal Court, which he has posted on SSRN here

And for those of you wondering about the snippet above, Prof. Somin was brave enough (or geeky enough) to include a reference to our commentary on the SG’s amicus arguments in Knick, comparing it to the weak-sauce Klingon forehead “retcon” in Star Trek. How could we resist highlighting the inclusion of an impossibly nerdy Trek reference in a published scholarly work? 

Thank you, and bravo, Sir. 


Mr. Worf is not amused with your Star Trek references in takings cases.