The 8 Billion Dollar Verdict

On October 8th, 2019, a Philadelphia jury ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay over 8 billion in damages and punitive damages to a man who grew breasts after taking Risperdal.  While spokespersons for the company have indicated they feel confident the 800 billion that represents punitive damages will be thrown out as unconstitutional, this lawsuit is not the only one the company faces.  In fact, this is not the only product made by Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiaries that has resulted in litigation and jury verdicts recently.

4.7 Billion Dollar Verdict in 2018

In the summer of 2018, A St. Louis jury awarded a 4.7 billion-dollar verdict against Johnson and Johnson in a case that alleged that Talcum Powder sold by the company contained cancer-causing asbestos. This verdict topped a string of million dollar verdicts in talc lawsuits.

2019 Settlements

In May of 2019, Johnson and Johnson and their subsidiary DuPuy create 1 billion dollar settlement fund for Pinnacle hip implants after Texas trials resulted in over 1.5 billion in verdicts against the company.

Now on October 1st, 2019, Johnson and Johnson agreed to pay $20.4 million to settle opoid lawsuits brought by two Ohio counties in relation to defective marketing of Johnson and Johnson’s former products Duragesic and Nucynta.

Other Lawsuits Against Johnson and Johnson

In addition to the above problematic products, Johnson and Johnson has recently been sued along with Gilead and others in a lawsuit alleging they entered into anti-compete agreements that violate Antitrust laws.  Additionally, thousands of lawsuits are currently pending that allege Johnson and Johnson’s Type 2 Diabetes Drug Invokamet causes Fournier’s Gangrene.   Many of the claims allege that Johnson and Johnson were aware of certain harmful or undesirable side-effects and failed to warn the public. In light of the cost involved in settling and/or paying these claims, you would think that Johnson and Johnson would take better care to disclose all possible side-effects.

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