Slow Down in Life | The Fioneers. One of the toughest lessons I have learned in years of law practice is that life goes better when we slow down, and let it happen. Lawyers tend to be fast paced, anxious, hard driving, and results oriented control freaks, all of which are habits dangerous to our health. I notice this at work a lot. Push, push, push. Get it done. We want it now, not later. Oddly, my Smartpen has assisted me in the need to slow down. When I take notes with the pen, it sends an infrared signal to the software on the computer. But, push it too fast, and the chicken scratches have big gaps in the letters, making my notes unreadable. Converting them to typed text becomes impossible as well. I have to force myself to be more deliberate in my writing, and this slows down my racing mind. Ask yourself whether you are trying to do everything too fast. If you do, you will wake up and find that you don’t remember living your life. You will also make more mistakes. Slow down. Smell the roses. They, and you, won’t be there forever.