The CPSC Warning Regarding Inclined Baby Sleepers

On Friday November 1st, 2019, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning that many thought was long over due:

Stop using all inclined baby sleepers that allow an infant to sleep at a 10 degree incline or greater.

This warning applies to all brands of sleepers.

The warning follows a prior warning to the public a year earlier advising people of a link between inclined sleepers and infant deaths. The earlier warning did not recall the products from the market.

Then, on April 9th 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics called upon the CPSC to recall all inclined sleepers due to an alarming link between them and baby deaths.  This call again went unheaded by both the CPSC and many inclined sleeper manufacturers as the products were still allowed on the market.

Study Finds Inclined Infant Sleepers Defective

This warning comes on the heels of a study conducted by an infant biomechanics expert hired by the CPRC to conduct an independent study.   The study concluded that the inclined sleepers contributed to 73 recent baby deaths. The inclined baby sleepers allow babies to more easily roll over to a face-down position making them susceptible to suffocation. Another investigation by the Washington Post revealed that some of these sleepers went to market without clinical research into the safety of the product’s design.

Massive Product Recall Underway

Several companies began recalling their inclined sleepers even before the study results were released. In light of the CPSC warning, millions of inclined baby sleepers have been recalled.  Some of the products currently being recalled include:

What to Do if You Own One

The CPSC has urged consumers to cease using the inclined sleepers immediately and to contact the manufacturer for a return and refund.  This is fine if your are one of the lucky ones whose child was not injured by the defective products.  If you lost a child to suffocation while sleeping in one of these sleepers, you should consult a personal injury attorney immediately to determine your rights.

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