It is common that when you participate in some activities, businesses may have you sign a waiver or “release of liability”  in order to participate.  These are usually signed for physical activities such as snow skiing, bowling, marathons and most commonly, your child’s school field trip.   

These waivers or releases are designed to protect the businesses and/or schools from legal liability for any injury, a participant suffers, even when these injuries are caused by the business’ or school’s negligence.

Signing a waiver does not prevent you from recovering damages if an injury occurs. A release or waiver may make the claim more challenging, whether the release or waiver holds up as a defense, is a legal question left for the courts to decide.   

The Courts will assess if the release language was understandable; was the injury caused by the exact activity the release was prepared for; does the release violate some public policy?   These issues can be confusing and an understanding of Arizona law is critical to whether the waiver or release will affect your claim.  

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