Did you know that the average cost of divorce in California is $27,000? That’s why many people search for cheap online divorce in California. A DIY divorce is not only legal, court-approved, and easy – it’s affordable for residents in California. The best thing about online divorce is the entire process takes less than half an hour. Online divorce platforms promise affordable and hassle-free help for anyone looking to dissolve his/her marriage. The entire process is even further simplified in California because it’s one of the few states that doesn’t bother with fault-cause divorces. Here is why you need to opt for an online divorce in California.

Affordable Divorce Platforms

Cheap online divorce platforms make your divorce easier and less painful than a traditional divorce. Separating from your spouse is painful. The stress involved in such a process makes the matter even worse. Filing divorce papers in California doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though you need to file physical paperwork in a California court, the entire process is straightforward thanks to online divorce platforms. And when you use Hello Divorce to complete and file your paperwork through our groundbreaking Divorce Navigator app, we provide you with step-by-step instructions for filing your documents with the court.

You can complete your divorce without a lawyer if you and your spouse agree about how to split the assets and care for your kids. But if you are not in agreement, you may have to consider divorce mediation or seek legal representation in a more complicated situation.

Starting Your Online Divorce Process In California

You should complete the divorce papers to start the divorce process. You can see our complete list of California divorce forms, with links, here. It is also possible to get the required forms sent to you via email within 24 hours when you choose a reliable online divorce service.

Thousands of Californians have chosen to complete their DIY divorce or lawyer-assisted divorce through Hello Divorce. The basic version of our Divorce Navigator app is available to everyone, for free, and guides you through the divorce process. Hello Divorce paid members can complete their divorce paperwork within the app, complete with our instructions at every single step.

No one has thousands of dollars to spend on legal fees and court costs these days. An online service will do its best to keep your divorce away from the courthouse. Hello Divorce founder Erin Levine is an experienced divorce lawyer who owns Levine Family Law Group, based in the Bay Area. She has been practicing for more than fifteen years. Erin and the stellar Hello Divorce team will do everything in their power to keep your online divorce out of the court system, make it affordable, and get you the divorce results you want. And, if you want to talk to a lawyer during your online divorce, you can book time in as little as a 30-minute increment with one of our top-rated California divorce lawyers, for a flat-rate fee.

DIY Divorce Without Lawyers 

Filing for divorce online doesn’t require the help of an attorney. Attorney fees are one of the biggest costs a divorcee would face when going through a divorce. Most people panic when filing a divorce because they think they will not get their fair share. So they hire an expensive divorce lawyer to navigate the process. However, getting an inexpensive divorce without an attorney is possible in California with a reputed online divorce platform. An online divorce company will charge only a small fraction of what a divorce lawyer would charge. Some online platforms, like Hello Divorce, can go beyond the basic work and do most of the legal work involved in a divorce such as serving the spouse and filing the papers. You can browse Hello Divorce membership options here to find a level of service that suits you.

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