With that resolution in sight, I laid the foundation in 2019 … Please collaborate with me in the new year!

  • I continued my lifelong commitment to improving client service delivery and focused on ways to enhance profitability and efficiency for lawyers, legal professionals and those who support them.

  • The International Institute of Legal Project Management recognized my skill in accelerating change in matter management by designating me as an Accredited Training Provider. Through this registered organization, I will deliver advanced certification programs, coaching, and implementation services at scale in 2020 with a new platform.

  • I joined LegalShift, an independent consultancy that serves all segments of the legal industry ecosystem: law firms, legal departments, and their clients. The LegalShift bench and its affiliates are comprised of some of the most talented people I have known during my 25-year consulting career.

  • The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium asked me to serve as co-chair of the CLOC legal project management committee after leading its education programs on LPM for in-house legal operations professionals in the Spring of 2019.

  • I enjoyed investing in my own professional development and growth, as I refreshed my knowledge of best practices in adult learning and change management. They are reflected in the IILPM certification programs.

How can we boldly collaborate on the next steps in 2020?