Most lawyers and law firms are looking for new and different ways to market their legal practice. The reality is that most lawyers and law firms can always use new clients.

The need for new clients can cause many attorneys to come up with new ways to advertise. Some lawyers may decide to turn online advertising. Others may turn to more traditional advertising methods like the phone book, radio or television. All of these methods might result in more new clients coming into a law firm.

Before spending more money on new advertising efforts, however, many forget that their clients and former clients are often their best marketers. In other words, if a lawyer does a fantastic job for their clients, most of these clients and former clients will organically tell their family, friends and acquaintances about their positive experience.

When clients and former clients tell their family, friends and acquaintances about the excellent job that a attorney did, this can be powerful. Word-of-mouth can result in new leads coming to a lawyer or a law firm without having to spend any money on new marketing efforts.

When somebody refers a potential client to a lawyer through word-of-mouth, this can also lead to increased trust. Increased trust can help lead to a more trusting attorney-client relationship because the client feels good knowing that a friend, family member or acquaintance used the lawyer and had a positive experience.

To ensure that the clients and former clients will become natural marketers for a lawyer or law firm, it is vital that a lawyer never let a client go to bed angry. If a client is concerned or upset about any matter in their case, a lawyer should immediately attempt to rectify the situation.

Further, it is vital that a lawyer promptly return all phone calls and emails. Lawyers also need to update their clients regularly on the status of their case. The client also needs to feel as if their lawyer prepares, that they care and that they did the best job possible.

In the end, the clients and former clients of a lawyer or law firm are often the best marketers for a law firm. Lawyers and law firms that do not forget this will receive lots of organic leads for new clients without having to expend more advertising dollars.

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