GERMANY: “How dairy she,” read the headline. It
has been reported that a woman is under investigation for assault after she
allegedly sprayed a ticket taker aboard a tram with fresh from-the source
breast milk. The ticket taker had ordered the woman and a male pal to get off
at the next stop in the town of Gelsenkirchen because they hadn’t paid the fare.

ALABMA: He’s in the doghouse now, maybe? A pet
doggie inadvertently ran over his owner with an off-road vehicle, officials
said. The victim had parked his vehicle near a bakery in the town of Loxley,
then tied the dog’s leash to the handlebars. When the pup tried to run, it set
the ATV into motion – running into the unidentified owner, who was left with
minor injuries.

BRAZIL: WOOOSH! A man tried to rid his garden
of invading cock roaches –and ended up blowing up his entire yard. Cesar
Schmitz, 48, poured gasoline on his lawn in the town of Eneas Marques and
struck a match, setting off a massive explosion. Schmitz told authorities that
his wife “begged me to destroy their nest under the ground once and for all.”

was not lovin’ it,” read the headline
. It has been reported that a woman
allegedly pushed, punched and choked a McDonald’s manager in Santa Ana, when
she was refused ketchup. The drive through customer, being sought by police,
lost it when she came in an employee entrance to ask for the condiment and was
told to move to the restaurant front, police report.

how you drive the Johns away.
Los Angeles is fighting prostitution by
banning right turns on street corners where sex workers hang out, according to
a report Also, officials installed traffic signs in seedy sections of the city
to make it illegal for men to pull over for quickie liaisons.

CALIFORNIA: Head-scratcher? A man has been arrested for allegedly snatching wigs off the heads of three Orthodox Jewish women. The 30-something man, who has not been identified, was caught on camera in North Hollywood creeping up behind an 80-year-old woman and yanking off her hairpiece. He then smiled and handed it back to her.

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