CHINA: “Im-paw-sters!” read the headline. It
has been reported that a “panda” café was raided by police for dying dogs black
and white to pass them off as the adorable panda cubs. The owner of the
unidentified café in Chengdu claimed to have six giant panda cubs to lure bear
lovers. He later confessed to painting Chow Chow dogs.

…  A woman broke into a firehouse,
ransacked the place and flooded it with its own hose. Yesenia Griego snuck into
the Aurora fire station in late October 2018 when the firemen were on a call.
When the firefighters returned, an alarm was blaring, and they found the
building flooded. A riding lawn mower was missing and a bird that lived there
was also decapitated. Griego admitted to taking marijuana and bath salts,
officials said.

FLORIDA: “Paging Seymour Butts,” read the headline. A man was taken to jail for giving police a fake name – “Ben Dover.” When Andrew Leighton, 22, was asked by an officer to leave a closed park in Palm harbor, he allegedly ran. He was then charged with obstruction for claiming to be Mr. Dover.

the devil,” read the headline
. A crook was arrested for allegedly robbing
people with a pitchfork. The 26-year-old man was sporting long brown hair – but
no costume – when he pointed Satan’s favorite weapon at passers-by and demanded
cash on a street in Drumheller, Alberta, according to police who put him in

CANADA: Grave share? The city of Vancouver will
allow the burying of multiple unrelated people in the same grave, thanks to new
bylaws. The Mountain View Cemetery – the only cemetery within the city’s
boundaries – will allow for up to three corpses to share the same graves as of
January 1, 2020.

CANADA: A no-no
A man was ordered by a judge to repay his ex-fiancée thousands of
dollars – for the cost of a ring he bought with her credit card. Mike
McLaughlin of British Columbia spent $2,640 of Corrine McKay’s money on the
pink gemstone band and promised to pay her back but never did, she said. When
the two broke up, she took him to court and won.

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