CANADA: He was
gone to the dogs…
Police in Ontario were called to keep a man from barking
and howling in front of his neighbor’s door in the middle of the night. Police
say the “barker” was trying to give the neighbor a taste of his own medicine,
because the neighbor’s dogs howled at all hours. Both men were given warnings
to follow local noise laws.

FLORIDA: The headline read, “Inmate a beast.” A jail inmate int the Florida Keys has been charged with feeding pet iguanas to an alligator at the jail’s petting zoo. The accused, a car thief, 40, was ratted out by two other inmates who witnessed him throw iguanas to the alligator on the grounds of the Stock Island Detention Center. When did jails started having petting zoos?

Lambo and the Lion?
Police arrested a man for driving a Lamborghini around
Paris with a lion cub passenger. The driver – who hasn’t been identified – was
arrested on suspicion of keeping the illegal exotic animal. The cub was taken
in by Million Friends, a French animal protection nonprofit.

was a crowd,” read the headline
. A man broke into a couple’s home and
crawled naked into bed with them as they watched TV, according to police.
Christopher Linder, 29, was high on speed when he allegedly slipped into the
strangers’ home in Augusta, rummaged through their belongings and invaded their
snugglefest, according to police who arrested him.

FLORIDA: Seafood
It has been reported that a woman was arrested for plucking a live
lobster from a tank at a Red Lobster – and running off with it, according to
police. Kimberly Gabel, 42, had been drinking when she allegedly snatched the
critter at the chain restaurant in St. Petersburg. The alleged lobster looter,
who was arrested for disorderly intoxication, apparently has a thing for
seafood – she also has a tattoo of a fish on her back.

of the Drowsy baggage handler.
A baggage handler fell asleep on the job in
Kansas City and ended up in Chicago. The drunken employee whose name has not
been released, was working an American Airlines flight when he dozed off in the
cargo hold, according to authorities. No charges were filed when the man was
discovered at Chicago’s O’Hare airport and sent back to Kansas City. We wonder
whether they sent him back in the cargo hold.

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