The biggest mistakes people make in their legal affairs are 1) hiring a cheap lawyer or 2) not hiring a lawyer at all.

They think they are “saving money”.  But beware, in the end, how much is trying to save money going to cost you?

Hiring a discount lawyer? You may soon see just how costly cheap legal help can be.

I don’t recall ever meeting anyone who actually enjoys paying an attorney. It is not the lawyers, but rather, the idea of having to have a lawyer in the first place.

Heaven would be a world where the need for lawyers didn’t even exist – where everyone could be trusted to uphold their word, where no one would ever be misunderstood, where a civil conversation could settle any dispute that arose and where at-fault parties take full legal and financial responsibility for the harm they cause.

But we aren’t in heaven, are we?  We certainly aren’t living in a perfect world.  Indeed, we live in a world where insurance companies exist—your best friend when selling you a policy and taking your money, but not such a “good neighbor” when it is time to submit your insurance claim.  I have told people for many years, “get rid of insurance companies and we can get rid of a lot of lawyers”. 

But, we know that insurance companies are not going away, and as long as they exist, society better hope and pray that lawyers also don’t go away. 

Let’s take an example: You are the victim of a car accident.  Your vehicle is damaged and needs repairs.  You need a rental car, you are missing work and you need medical care.  You want to believe that everyone has good intentions and that the at-fault driver and their insurance company will treat you right.  But you know better.

You know the insurance company will low-ball or deny your claim if given the chance. For more information regarding insurance companies and car accidents in Arizona, click here:

You need help and advice, and don’t know where to turn. Then, you see the TV or billboard advertisements for personal injury lawyers.

Discount fees? In a wreck, need a check?  The law firms with animal mascots?  Really??  Is this the best there is?

Do NOT underestimate the importance of selecting a good and experienced lawyer.  In the end, the big advertising lawyers have only one thing in mind:  Themselves, and your money.  After all, they have big advertising budgets to pay for—and TV/radio/billboards/buses are not cheap.

The volume of cases they have to bring in and settle just to support the cost of all of the ads is huge, and honestly, your case is just one of many that add up to pay for the ads.  Get ‘em in the door, settle, make a few bucks move on to the next one.   

Litigate?  That is not their model.  Too much time, too much expense and too many staff needed. 

In the end, the TV lawyers win for themselves.  A fair settlement?  How would you know, as the only information you get is likely from a legal assistant who is assigned your case? You never even get to talk to a lawyer.

Is this what you want? Is this the type of legal service you need?

Providing legal assistance is all about the ongoing relationship, not “churning and burning” from one client to the next.

A great lawyer is also one that will help you not only accomplish your needs but willingly accept your phone calls and questions with the goal of educating you as a client to help you understand the decisions that have to be made throughout the course of the representation.  

Experienced lawyers know that lawsuits brought by real trial lawyers get BETTER RESULTS in nearly every case.  You just gotta be willing to fight for your clients. 

Forego the cheap ad lawyer and look for a trial law firm (Zachar Law Firm, PC). You want the best?  Hire a Certified Specialist in Injury and Wrongful Death Law.  

What is a Certified Specialist? Click here for more info:

Go ahead and make as many lawyer jokes as you want to (because let’s face it, some of them are funny), but never forget that nothing will be more expensive to you than hiring a cheap lawyer, and nothing will be more painful than hiring the wrong one.