Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an entity and independently evaluates and ranks the States for highway safety.  The ranking system mirrors a traffic signal: green means good, yellow means there is still more work to be done and red means there need to be major improvements when it comes to saving lives on our roadways. 

The rankings focus largely on what safety laws are or are not in place.  This week, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety put Arizona in the red

Arizona was one of the 12 worst states for not having some of the 16 laws this organization has deemed crucial for roadway safety. 

Arizona does not have a primary seat belt law, does not have an all-rider helmet law, does not have a booster seat law and does not have stronger restrictions for new drivers. 

A lot of people think that crashes are just a byproduct of so many cars on the road, you know, that they just happen.  The truth is that car crashes are 100% preventable. They don’t have to happen. 

We know seat belts, helmets and not using a cell phone while driving saves lives. While having these laws in Arizona would help with the red ranking, do we really need a law to tell us to do or not do these things?

Excessive speed, inattention, distraction, and stupidity is what causes car crashes.  Get rid of these four things, all occurring from “choices made by drivers”, and we can very largely say goodbye to car crashes. 

We really don’t need a law to tell us that.