…from this morning caught our attention here at LoS.

First, although we have been somewhat aware of the CIA’s MK Ultra debacle we had never seen it associated with the notorious Whitey BulgerCharles Manson, yes.

It raises the question of just how many poor souls had their lives ruined in what should have been recognized even at the time as a highly unethical – indeed criminal – experiment on unwitting human beings.

To be fair, the CIA had long since bought the argument that a well placed assassination that prevented a major armed conflict was justifiable.  And it’s almost as if the MK Ultra program was some kind of open secret, even as it was going on.

But never mind.

The other item was this.  We’re not big fans of Alan Dershowitz. But it’s good to point out double standards, and this is a double standard that has already gone way too far:  the impeachment of Trump was itself an example of a sui generis hostility that beltway denizens would never invoke on any other president.

But there’s something more basic that should be discussed in this context.  We are actually of the opinion that the president is always entitled to “interfere” with the DOJ in favor of leniency, because at the end of the day he has the power to short circuit any prosecution by pardoning the defendant; what would amount to an “abuse of power” is doing the opposite:  that is, interfering in favor of prosecuting someone.  That’s basically turning the DOJ into a stasi-like secret police force.

Nobody seems to be recognizing this distinction to be as crucial and dispositive as it actually is.  Or should be.  Except we here at LoS.  This represents yet another example of the lack of clarity of thought, and a failure of intellectual discipline.

On their part, obviously.  Not ours, of course.