When an accident occurs, insurance companies go into protection mode. They have one of two goals:

  1. Pay you nothing, or
  1. Pay you as little as possible.

Most often, given the circumstances of the accident, they will not be able to accomplish their first goal (pay you nothing). As such, they focus on the second goal (pay you as little as possible).

How can an insurance company accomplish this?

The easiest way is for the insurance company to get you in a conversation, either in person or on the phone and before you have an attorney on your side. They ask you questions that seem harmless enough, but their questioning is designed to get information out of you, which they are going to use against you later to either deny your claim or pay you as little as possible.

When the insurance company calls, do you know what you should say?  Do you know what you should not say? They are asking the questions and they are recording the conversation, so the wrong information or wrong answers from you can really hurt your case.

What can you do about this?

The best thing you can do is to avoid talking to any insurance company before you have an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney on your side. An experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney will then control the conversation and the flow of information.  The purpose is to protect you and to protect your case. Once you have an experienced injury attorney on your side, insurance companies no longer have the right to contact you directly.

At that point, you can focus on your medical treatment and getting better, and let your experienced attorney focus on getting you the best recovery possible for your claim.

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