“High volume” is fairly consistent with the BIG ADVERTISING law firms.  

When you spend millions of dollars on TV, radio, billboards, buses, bus stops, etc…, you have to bring in a very high volume of clients.  When you bring in a high volume of clients, you have to have a lot of people working for you, so a lot of salaries, rents, and bills.  

The flow of revenue needs to remain constant, and you need to settle A LOT of cases.  So, is follows that customer service to your clients, in fast-paced, assembly-line atmosphere often suffers.  Also, having to get so many settlements done to keep the money flowing, often these firms take the last, best offer made by the at-fault party’s insurance company—not the best-case resolution for you, but the best, quickest deal for them, so the money comes in the door.  

Contrast that from the standard, more professional law firm (like Zachar Law Firm).  

We don’t have any big advertising commitment.  We don’t have any monthly quotas.  We don’t have the huge budget that the big ad law firms have, so we are not “in a hurry” to simply take the last, low offer from the insurance company for the at-fault party.  

At Zachar Law Firm, we have a staff in place to do what is needed in each and every case, including talking to our clients, returning phone calls and helping our clients make the right settlement decisions for their case.  And, if the offers are low, we are prepared for the next step:  A lawsuit to get you the best result for your case (something the big ad firms just do not generally do).  

There are vast differences with what you get at a high volume firm, and the service and results you will get at Zachar Law Firm.  Questions?  

Please feel free to call us at (602) 494-4800 for a free, no-obligation discussion regarding your case and your questions.