FT MYERS FL- Florida Highway Patrol reported a deadly crash near Ft. Myers Beach on San Carlos Blvd just south of summerlin rd.

As the investigation is currently ongoing, full details of the accident are not available however FHP has shared the following:

A 2017 Lexus E350 sedan was driving northbound on San Carlos Blvd., Monday morning, with a driver and at least one passenger. At the same time a motorist driving a 2004 Jeep was southbound on San Carlos heading toward Ft. Myers Beach on Estero Island.

At approximately 9:24 A.M. near 18066 San Carlos Blvd., the Lexus E350 crossed the media divider and drove directly into the path of the oncoming Jeep.

The two vehicles collided head-on at speed. The Lexus E350 crashed into the front of the Jeep in the outside lane. As a result of the high speed impact the jeep was overturned.

After crashing into the Jeep, the Lexus came to a final rest facing north on San Carlos Boulevard. The Jeep came to a final rest on its driver side facing south east, along the San Carlos outside lane and curbed its shoulder.

FHP has not yet released the identities and ages of those involved, however we do know the following:

Both the driver and passenger of the 2017 Lexus E350 sedan were killed in the crash.

The driver of the Jeep was killed in the crash.

After the crash the driver the Lexus transported to Lee Memorial Hospital.

The further details of the accident are pending and the accident remains under investigation.


UPDATE – March 17 2020:


FHP has released the identities of those involved with the accident:

The driver of the Lexus E350 was 53 year old David Pennington from Arizona

Pennington’s passenger was 54 year old Virginia Giebel also from Arizona.

Both Pennington and Giebel died in the crash.

The driver of the Jeep was 33 year old Samantha Green from Ft. Myers Beach.  Samantha Green was also killed during the accident.

The crash remains under investigation.