Dear Zachar Law Firm Client:

We care about you and we are hoping that you are taking the proper precautions to stay healthy in this uncertain time.  Some of you are still treating with doctors and find yourselves in hospitals or treatment facilities.  Make sure those around you appear healthy – and are taking precautions with washing hands before administering care to you.  If you are using any equipment with your therapy, make sure to ask the equipment to be sanitized prior to your use.  If you are signing in at a desk for therapy, use your own pen, sanitize yourself after using any door handles or entry/exits. 

If you have decided (or your medical provider has decided) to pause or stop your treatment, please notify us immediately. If your choice, you should notify your providers or therapists that the reason you may discontinue or postpone your treatment is due to the coronavirus, rather than a full resolution of your symptoms.   We may need to notify the insurance companies that you may be postponing your treatment during this virus outbreak.

Also, notwithstanding who makes the decision, consult with your medical providers about what you can be doing on your own to continue the healing (stretching, exercises, etc…), and while at home, keep a diary of your own therapies, while waiting for the treatment to resume.  When treatment does resume, give your diary to your medical provider to be included in your file, and get a copy to us for our file.

If you have any questions, please contact us (602) 494-4800. Our staff is working (some in office, some from home), but ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 


Your friends and advocates at Zachar Law Firm