Many people think that if you suffer an injury on somebody else’s property, the property owner is automatically responsible. That is not the case, in fact, not even close.

There are certain things you need to prove in order to hold the property owner responsible for your injuries. Experienced premise liability attorneys know exactly what you need when it comes to slip and fall accidents.

First, you must prove there was a dangerous condition.  Something caused you to fall that makes the other side responsible, right? 

Second, you must prove that the property owner knew about it or in the exercise of reasonable care would/should have known of it. It is not enough to have the danger.  You must prove notice to the property owner.

Lastly, you must prove the owner should have done something about it to prevent you from your injuries.  If they knew/should have known, then the law requires they do something about it.  Fix it, safeguard it or warn against it.  If they failed, then they can be held liable to you.

“Premises liability” cases are not easy cases, but they can be very good cases.  One problem is that most Phoenix personal injury lawyers will not take premises liability cases, because they think they are too difficult. 

That is not the case at Zachar Law Firm.

We have been helping clients for more than 25 years who have suffered injuries on the property of others. We are an experienced personal injury litigation law firm, which means if we believe in your case, we will file the lawsuit to get you the best result possible.

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