Anyone can negotiate with an insurance company, however, a skilled personal injury attorney understands what an insurance company needs and looks for, what adds value to a case, how to present a claim and what the proper values are for certain claims in Arizona.  Insurance companies will usually try to negotiate a very low “nuisance value” on a case with someone who is not represented by an attorney. The companies are very aware that unrepresented people don’t understand what gives a claim value or simply, the value of an injury, damage, inconvenience, scars, or permanent conditions.  A skilled attorney should know these values.  At Zachar Law Firm, every attorney has more than 20 years’ experience and is very skilled at handling all of these concerns.

Once a personal injury attorney becomes involved in a claim, the insurance company’s approach is usually totally different as it knows the person at the other end of the negotiation is sophisticated at handling a personal injury claim.  Once a client is represented, the attorney notifies the insurance company that a claim is being made.  The communication is restricted at that point and the insurance company no longer is allowed to contact the client – this provides great ease of mind and elimination of a headache of fielding calls from insurance adjusters.   Once a claim is ready to be presented for a settlement, the attorney will prepare a comprehensive demand for settlement.   The negotiation begins.  

If the insurance company fails to offer a reasonable figure for settlement, then the only other option is to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.    The key when consulting with law firms is to make sure that the firm has more than one litigating attorney!   Many firms do not litigate.  Insurance companies know this also.  If the firm isn’t willing to file a lawsuit with a low offer but instead take that low offer, then the client is not being fairly represented.   At Zachar Law Firm, all of our attorneys litigate.  We file lawsuits and insurance companies know this, which means we usually get the best offer on the table before we decide whether to file a lawsuit.  Go with a law firm that is known to fight rather than simply take the last offer on the table. Zachar Law Firm will go the distance with your claim, if necessary.