If you have some downtime right now, consider using some of that time to invest in the future of your practice or career.

Think about what’s next for you, make plans, research ideas, and do things you might not have time to do when everything gets back to normal.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Brainstorm additional ways to promote your services
  • Outline your book (or finish writing the thing)
  • Create a new lead magnet (or update an old one)
  • Clean up/organize your computer desktop and documents
  • Give your website a makeover
  • Research some new keywords
  • Learn how to use new software
  • Start your newsletter
  • Update your social media profiles
  • Add a new social media platform to your mix
  • Get ahead on CLE
  • Read books, take courses on personal development
  • Write content for your newsletter or blog
  • Research new target markets
  • Make a list of professionals you can approach to propose marketing alliances
  • Clean out your email inbox
  • Research new marketing or advertising platforms
  • Clean up your smart phone: delete unused apps, delete or download photos and documents
  • Update passwords, add 2-factor authorization
  • Clean up your “to read” list(s)
  • Brainstorm/research ways to build your email list
  • Work on a new presentation, speech, or video
  • Go over your budget and create plans to reduce spending and/or debt, or increase investment and retirement funds
  • Explore ways to give back to your community (run for office, promote a charity, donate, volunteer)
  • Revise/create a new campaign to stay in touch with your former clients

Before you know it, normal life will return and you’ll be glad you took care of some of these, instead of getting to a higher level in your favorite game or binge watching your latest guilty pleasure.

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