Today’s update includes the Governor’s most recent updates on child care programs, positive cases within the state, and school closures. Additionally, the update discusses the growing number of unemployment claims and the state’s work to process as many claims as quickly as they can.


  • Indiana State Department of Health (“ISDH”) is constantly releasing and updating information regarding guidance for child care programs within the state. These guidelines include information on what parents and program facilitators can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19, what parents should do if their child’s childcare program closes, and what parents should do if the child’s childcare program remains open. The guidelines should be strictly followed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect those vulnerable to it. For more information on the child care guidelines from the ISDH, visit
  • At Governor Holcomb’s daily press conference on April 2, 2020, he announced that there was a jump of 474 positive cases of COVID-19 and 13 additional deaths. This brings the total number of cases to 3,039 and total number of deaths to 78. The Governor emphasized the importance of social distancing to help flatten the curve. Holcomb is planning on further addressing the state’s stay-at-home order today. For more information, visit


  • The Superintendent of Public Instruction in the State of Indiana stated that schools are to remain closed for the remainder of the school year. However, the schools are to submit a continuous learning plan by mid-April to ensure students have some type of continuous learning. With virtual learning plans in place, most school districts will not complete a full instructional year, even with Holcomb’s 20-day waiver from the 180-instructional-day requirement. However, each school is working on ways to offer students remote learning to lessen the effect this may have on students’ educational progress. For more information on school closers and home learning, visit


  • The Commissioner of Indiana Department of Workforce Development stated that 146,243 jobless claims were filed in the state last week alone. While these growing numbers are expected to be the “norm” for a while, the Commissioner stated they are working to ensure people are able to file their claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to try and speed up the process, the Commissioner stated that the state will allow an option for people to apply for benefits over the phone, but that the internet option will still remain the quickest. The state is also working to distribute benefits from the federal CARES Act to residents who filed unemployment claims. For more information on unemployment in Indiana and how to file a claim, visit

For access to video footage of Governor Holcomb’s most recent update, visit

HeplerBroom attorney Emilee M. Bramstedt contributed to this blog post.