How Coronavirus is Affecting Auto Accident Insurance Settlements

As we see it at Zachar Law Firm, there are several ways the Coronavirus is affecting auto accident insurance settlements.

First and foremost, delay….delay…..delay.  There are so many people out of the office, trying to work remotely, and connectivity is affected.  Email and cell phones still work, but a delay in getting messages through, combined with a delay in being able to access information needed, is affecting everybody.

Ultimately, communication is going to improve but it is going to improve slowly.  In the meantime, along with every other aspect of our lives, a little more patience is needed in getting cases settled.

The other manner in which personal injury cases and settlements will be affected by the Coronavirus will be the inability of people to obtain the medical care that they need for their personal injuries.  Many medical offices are closed and many people who need ongoing treatment and therapy are not able to get it right now. How long will medical offices be limited or closed is unknown, and whatever the amount, it is expected that treatments and therapy will be extended for that same amount of time.

Zachar Law Firm is a Phoenix Personal injury law firm dedicated to helping injured people and their loved ones get the settlements and compensation they deserve.

Zachar Law Firm is open, although most of our employees are working remotely. We are still here for your calls and your emails.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us to discuss.

We are trying to remain patient through this process, and we ask that everyone do the same.